Redgum Soaps has Closed

After 22 years we are calling it a day for Redgum Soaps. It is now time for us to start enjoying our retirement years.

Roger and I would like to thank our many customers; your support over the years has been much appreciated.

The online shop is now closed. We can be contacted via the contact form.

Vicki & Roger

chemical free skincare

At Redgum, we offer you pure, luxurious and natural skincare made the traditional way.

We've created our entire range without using synthetic additives. This makes our products ideal for sensitive skin and for people who want luxurious, high quality skincare made from natural ingredients.

Your solution to skin reactions can be as simple as the ingredients in your skincare products.

Skin reactions can simply be a reaction to synthetic chemicals found in everyday products, even our food.

Redgum Soaps range of skincare products is free from preservatives, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances and colours, and other synthetic additives.

Olive Oil Castile Soaps

Castile soaps are considered the finest and mildest of all soaps. >> more