Experience the wonderful feeling of smooth silky skin from a true moisturiser without any chemical extras. Applied to damp skin, it acts to retain much needed natural moisture in your skin.

We've eliminated water and emulsifiers from the formula and instead, use a blend of cold pressed and essential oils. That means no unnecessary ingredients and a lesser probability of skin irritation. It also means you're not paying for water.

Applied to damp skin, our moisturisers work just like a cream or lotion. You can control the degree of moisturising by changing the ratio of water to oil.

For extra moisturising, use a little more moisturiser on a damp face.

For less moisturising, perhaps over the summer months or if you live in a more humid climate, use a little less moisturiser on a slightly wetter face.

how to use

For most effective use, apply to clean, moist skin, ideally, immediately after showering. Three to four drops is sufficient for the entire face.

Redgum's moisturisers are also suitable to use as a makeup remover. Simply apply, then remove with a damp facecloth.

Redgum's Lavender & Calendula castile soap makes an ideal facial cleansing bar