my own experience

My own soapmaking journey began with a search to find a soap that didn't cause skin irritation or leave me with dry, itchy skin.

That search that ended with the discovery that I could make my own soap at home, far superior in quality to any mass produced product.

My first attempts involved using animal fats. Refined and deodorised tallow can be purchased, but I rendered my own from suet purchased at a local butcher's shop.

The odour was unforgettable, and helped make my decision to make vegetable based soaps.

I started collecting soapmaking books and they contained recipes for so many different types of soap, the possibilities seemed endless.

Every soapmaking book I read told me that castile soap, made from olive oil, was the mildest and most suitable for sensitive skin.

I made "just one batch" to find out what made it so different. The rest is history...

Vicki Younger, soapmaker

why make your own?

Soapmaking is addictive.

Ask any soapmaker. Once you've experienced the luxury of using your own handcrafted soap, you'll never use mass produced soap again.

Reviving skills such as soapmaking is just one way of making our communities become more sustainable.

The knowledge shared in these pages may provide a way for that to happen.

There are many online soapmaking lists willing to share their knowledge - a google search will find them easily.

kitchen soapmaking

kitchen soapmaking ingredients
Castile soaps were called the "Queen of Soap"

The information on these pages will enable you to make soap in your own kitchen.

By following our instructions, using the recipes provided, you will be able to make a soap bar that will surpass all your expectations.

Your own handmade soap will undoubtedly feel better on your skin than just about any commercial soap you can buy, regardless of the purchase price. Even if you have sensitive skin like mine.

You can take part in a phenomenon that is sweeping the world; the need to create a product that is as good, if not better than we remember from the past.

It also provides you with the opportunity to revive one of the skills that we have lost from our communities because of our reliance on multinational companies to provide many of our basic needs.

Be sure to read all of the instructions, including the safety instructions, thoroughly, before attempting to make your first batch of soap.